High Class Shoes London have been operating out of our shop in Newington Green for over forty years, but only recently have we branched out into the online world.
We stock some of the best shoes in London! We have a selection of casual and smart shoes which are always of the best quality and reasonably priced. Browse our new store to see what we currently have available.
Our business was started by our Grandfather, a Turkish Cypriot asylum seeker who came to the UK and set up as a shoe repairer. Our father also followed in his footsteps and mastered the shoe repair trade.
Although High Class Shoes London is putting a greater focus on opening up our shoe sales to the whole of the UK, we are also very proud of our repairing roots. It is something that is still a core part of our business today, and something we intend to continue.
One of the best things about High Class Shoes is the community feel of the shop and the surrounding area. We are here to help our customers, whether you are visiting us in-store or online. If there is anything you need help with then please contact us.
Our shoe repair services are in high demand services will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and may not be available due to work levels.
We will also be sharing some of our skilled handy work on social media.
THIRD GENERATION COBBLERS We are a third-generation shoe repair shop in the heart of Newington Green.
We cover a range of shoe repair needs, including:
  1.  Stick on sole
  2. Rubber heels
  3. Stitching jobs
  4. Zips
  5. Stiletto heels
  6. Custom jobs
Key Cutting
At High Class Shoes we are specialists who can assist with all your key cutting needs.
We can assist with single sets or bulk creation of keys and fobs.
We are specialists in key cutting and fob creation, both for residential and commercial purposes. Whatever you need no job is too big or small.
If you have a larger job that you wish to discuss then please give us a call or send us an email, our number can be found on our contact us page. We are also contactable via our social media pages.
Key Cutting Jobs

Cylinder Keys
Mortice Keys
Chubb Keys
Fire Brigade keys (FB Keys)